Science Fairs

High School Science Fairs

As a part of our science fair program, we volunteer as judges at science fairs around the city of Boston. In January, Ana, Tori, and Justin volunteered as judges at the John D. O’Bryant High School science fair. This fair determined which projects continued on to the regional science fair.

In February, Rachel, Dalton, and Kelli went to North Quincy High School to serve as physics and engineering judges. As judges, we got to interact with students ranging from ninth through twelfth grade – discussing their interests in science and technology. This fair is an example of how we reach outside of the Northeastern area to help the Boston STEM community.

Boston Regional Science Fair

Starting in 2013, the Science Squad started working with the Northeastern STEM program to help with the Boston Regional Science Fair, which is held at Northeastern each March. At the fair we assist with checking students in, organizing the ballot room, serving as judges, and performing health and safety checks. In 2015, we collaborated with Boston Public Schools to create a judges training presentation in order to standardize the evaluation and scoring between middle and high school projects.

International Science and Engineering Fair

In 2015, the Science Squad attended the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh. Over several days, we acted as public relations volunteers by directing people to events, interacting with students from the area, and helping students pack up their project at the end. When the event was open to the public, we facilitated water quality experiments with visiting students ranging from elementary to high school.