We have participated in NEPTUN’s (Northeastern Program for Teaching by Undergraduates) teaching days Waterfall and Splash since it began in the spring of 2014. Waterfall and Splash, held in the fall and spring semesters respectively, are free days of unique, diverse, and interactive classes taught by current Northeastern undergraduates for high school students. We, the Science Squad, strive to provide a wide range of experiments, both practical and fun, that will allow students to explore scientific subjects in a manner that they would rarely have the opportunity to in a traditional classroom setting. From studying electrochemistry by creating batteries with lemons, to understanding the basics of biology by extracting the DNA from strawberries, to exploring the properties of buoyancy by constructing boats of aluminum, our hands-on lesson plans cover a wide range of disciplines. Through our involvement in Waterfall and Splash, we have been able to present scientific concepts in an unconventional teaching style to continue our mission of promoting a passion for science education.